Have a general question about Kickstarter/BackerKit that’s not specific to the Animated Spells, Tarot & More project? Be sure to check out our general Kickstarter FAQ!

Current Rewards Status:

In HPP Warehouse/Shipping:
  • Animated Spells Series 1 (Levels 1-5, Cantrips, Deck of Many Animated Things)
  • Animated Spells Series 2 (Levels 6-9, Townsfolk, Spellcraft, Illusions, Conditions)
  • Binders
  • Spell Slot + Pegs
  • Tarot Reading Mats
  • Tarot Decks, Books, and Deluxe Sets
  • Deck Storage Boxes
  • Spellshaping

What’s the difference between a backer and a pre-order? How can I tell which I am?

A backer is someone who pledged for rewards during the month the campaign was active. Their funds were collected via Kickstarter at the end of the campaign. 

Pre-orders are not considered a pledge as the funds weren’t collected during the campaign, but on our BackerKit pre-order page after the Kickstarter wrapped up. 

Please note, only Kickstarter backers had access to the tiers listed on the campaign page. Pre-order items come just as described on the BackerKit pre-order page.


My cards arrived but have weird bubbles on them. What do I do?

Our newly manufactured decks feature a protective film over the card's animations! To remove the bubbling, simply peel the plastic off and you're all set. 

My cards arrived and the edges are defective. What happens now?

We're aware of this manufacturing defect in some of the decks from our most recent shipment. Please send images of the cards to our support team at kickstarter@hitpointpress.com and we'll get this resolved. 

What is a survey? What does it have to do with my Kickstarter pledge?

A survey collects your information via a pledge manager (BackerKit, in our case). Once a survey is ready for a given campaign, they will be sent out for backers to complete. This is where you give us your shipping address, you can upgrade your tier level, and choose add-ons.

How do I access my survey?

You can go to this link to retrieve your survey. Simply input your email address associated with your BackerKit account or your Kickstarter pledge! You can also go to BackerKit and log in with your account. 

From this page you can also create an account if you haven’t done so already. When logged in, BackerKit will auto-populate all the campaigns you backed in one place, provided their pledge manager is BackerKit!

I need to change my address. How can I do that?

Addresses were locked for everyone on May 2nd. If you need to update your address, please reach out to our team at kickstarter@hitpointpress.com with the name and email address associated with your pledge as well as your new address. 

Where do I get my digital downloads?

You can access your digital downloads by logging into your BackerKit account! They’ll be located under “Digital Downloads”.

I haven’t received my rewards yet. Have they shipped?

It depends on what you ordered! A good place to look is in our updates. Once a month we post regarding what we have available to ship, what’s on its way to the warehouse, what’s in production, what’s available digitally, and timeframes for all of the above.

You’ll know your items have shipped when you receive an email from ShipStation. This email will be your shipping confirmation with your tracking number!

What is pallet shipping and what does it entail?

Pallet shipping was a shipping option for backers in the UK, Europe, and Australia. All orders set to be shipped on the pallet will be shipped together towards the end of fulfillment. Those that picked the pallet option will receive their rewards later with no additional VATs/import duties/fees upon arrival.

Based on your updates it seems like my rewards should have been shipped. Can you clarify what happened?

Earlier this year we were able to fulfill rewards for those that ordered only spell decks 0-5 and The Deck of Many Animated Things. A few of these backers did not receive theirs either due to a late survey or having picked pallet shipping. If this applies to you, please make sure your survey is good to go and you will be in the next batch that gets shipped!

When will my rewards ship?

Unfortunately, we're unable to offer exact dates at this time for the remaining rewards. We have a number of items on their way to the warehouse as well as items in pre-production or production. 

The best course of action is to follow along with our updates to see where your items are in the process. If items are in production or on the way, unfortunately it is completely out of our hands. As soon as we’re able to ship any rewards that we’re waiting on we’ll let everyone know in an update. Thank you so much for your patience!


When will my order ship?

Pre-orders will be filled after backer rewards. You can stay updated on production progress through this link.

I pre-ordered a tarot deck/a single other deck. Where are my digital downloads?

You must order the digital downloads in order to receive them via BackerKit. You can do that here. The exception is if you ordered a bundle at the top of anispells.com. If you click the item you ordered it will tell you if the PDFs/GIFs are included!