What’s the difference between a backer and a pre-order? How can I tell which I am?

A backer is someone who pledged for rewards during the month the campaign was active. Their funds were collected via Kickstarter at the end of the campaign. A pre-order isn’t a pledge that was collected during the campaign but are pre-ordered products on our BackerKit pre-order page.

Backers had access to the tiers listed on the campaign page. Pre-order items come just as described on the BackerKit pre-order page.

What is a survey?

A survey collects your information via a pledge manager (BackerKit, in our case). Once a survey is ready for a given campaign, they will be sent out for backers to complete. This is where you give us your shipping address, you can upgrade your tier level, and choose add-ons.

How do I access my survey?

You can go to this link to retrieve your survey. Simply input your email address associated with your BackerKit account! You can also go to BackerKit and log in with your account. From this page you can also create an account. When logged in, BackerKit will auto-populate all the campaigns you backed in one place, provided their pledge manager is BackerKit!

I need to change my address. How can I do that?

Go to your survey. At the top header is a button that says Edit Your Order. Click that and it’ll take you to a summary page. The first section will let you change your address!

Can I upgrade my pledge tier?

Yes. In order to get extra items please go to your survey and click Edit Your Order in the top header. From this page you can upgrade (not downgrade) your pledge tier by clicking the pledge in the top header ($xx Reward).

Can I get extra items?

If you wanted to just pick add-ons, you can pick those in the Add-ons section of your survey. From this page you can also edit your payment method!

When are you closing BackerKit?

We’ll close the surveys about 2 months before fulfillment. We are currently aiming for November!

When will I receive my physical rewards?

In light of the delays we’ve experienced we’ve posted a new master timeline which you can find here. If any of this changes we’ll be sure to let everyone know via an update on our Kickstarter page.

My survey seems good to go. Is there anything that could prevent me from receiving my rewards during fulfillment?

Yes! If you’re not in the UK/EU/AUS and you picked pallet shipping, this might prevent your items from going out. Please use your survey to edit your survey questions. Please click Skip for the pallet question.

Am I eligible for the beta content? How do I access it?

If your pledge includes a digital copy, yes! Please access your survey to find your Digital Downloads. If you pre-ordered you will have had to pay for the digital copy (via PayPal) and you can find those on your BackerKit account. If you pre-ordered and you haven’t been charged yet you’ll gain access to the beta content when we charge cards!

Will there be maps in the beta content?

Not at this time.

I noticed something wrong/missing in a beta chapter. Can I let you know?

Yes! The update announcing the beta release will also have a link to leave your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to send it in!

I missed the campaign. Is it possible for me to get the Revelia box set?

That pledge tier was for Kickstarter backers only but there are add-ons that you can add that will be close to the Revelia box set:

  • Deck - Heckna Shuffled Stories Engine (Tarot Sized)

  • Accessory - Fabric "Maphew" Carnival Map

  • Accessory - Heckna Logo Pin

  • Accessory - Popcorn Dice

  • Accessory - Popcorn Dice Bag

How big is Maphew?

We’re still waiting on the final piece to be completed but we anticipate around 11”x14”

Do I have to moisturize Maphew?

No but if you want to we can’t stop you.

How can I get the STL files for the minis?

If you pledged for the digital tier, you’ll want to upgrade your pledge tier to the PDF + STLs. If you pledged for a physical tier, you’ll want to select the files in your add-ons!

Are the minis presupported?

Due to the differences in printers we aren’t able to offer presupported minis STLs.

Are the minis prepainted or primed?

The minis do not come prepainted or primed.

Why aren’t my prices the same as they are on the Kickstarter page?

The shipping prices you see on our Kickstarter page were for Kickstarter backers only. Any prices you see on the preorder page are correct!