I completely missed the fulfillment period for Humblewood. Can I still receive my rewards?

Yes! Please email us at kickstarter@hitpointpress.com and include the email address associated with your BackerKit account as well as your current shipping address.

When is Humblewood 2 coming out?

Humblewood 2 has yet to be officially announced! You can preview some of what we’re working on, however, in updates from the Kickstarter page.

The Guide to Alderheart is missing something. How can I let you know?

Please be aware that the Guide to Alderheart that is available now is only a beta release and we’re working on the final version. Any duplicate art, or lack of art, will be fixed in the final! That said if you want to bring something to our attention, you can leave a comment on the update, you can email us, or let us know on Discord!

What’s the status on the Humblewood soundtrack?

We apologize for the delay. It’s currently in final mixing! We don't have a timeframe on release just yet but we’ll let everyone know when that changes.