Have a general question about Kickstarter/BackerKit that’s not specific to Cubeamajigs? Be sure to check out our general Kickstarter FAQ!

Current Rewards Status:

Currently In Transit to Distribution Warehouse: 

  • Podamajigs
  • Tokens
  • Lifepads
  • Cubeamajigs

Awaiting Mass Production:
  • Playmats
Arrived at Distribution Warehouse:
  • Pencils
  • Dragon Shield sleeves

I've moved since filling out my survey. How can I update my address?

You can update your address through your BackerKit survey! Locate your BackerKit survey with this link.

I missed the campaign! Can I still order any items?

Yes! You can find our preorder store here.

When will I receive my rewards?

We'll have a more accurate fulfillment date once production is completed and rewards are on their way to us! Currently Cubeamajigs, Podamajigs, tokens and playmats still need to make it through mass production. 

When will you lock orders?

Orders were locked and cards were charged for any outstanding balances on May 16, 2022.

When will you lock addresses?

Addresses will be locked once rewards have made it through production and are in transit to us. We will give warnings in updates before this happens!

What will the Cubeamajigs outer box look like for the rainbow/WUBRG/mosaics/similar designs? What about the Podamajigs?

These are not designed completely yet, however we will have previews of the art before we send them off for production. This will allow ample time for everyone to choose their final designs. Please note that every color/art piece will be represented in the designs.

In what way is Daarken’s Panorama design a panorama?

Every item that has the Land Panorama design is intended to be a completely seamless panorama. The Cubeamajigs are intended to be separated by lands and as such the product mockup is not the final version. Like the rainbow/mosaics/etc., the finalized design will be posted as we send it to production.

Where can I see a list of designs?

Please check this update!

Survey Questions

How do I pick what I want in my survey?

BackerKit converts the money that Kickstarter collected from your pledge into credit. Locate your pledge tier in the add-ons section and add it to your cart. The next step will direct you to pick your designs. Please consult this update for a list of designs!

I wasn’t able to pick my designs/I was charged more for my items than I initially pledged.

For your credit, do not individually pick each item’s design. Be sure to pick the pledge tier that is stated on the right side of the add-ons screen.

For example, the pledge tier you picked is: Pledge Level - 8-Pod Cube Bundle (Save $25). Under the Bundles section in Add-Ons, pick the 8-Pod Cube Bundle and click Add to Cart. The next section will be where you pick your designs!

The amount collected in shipping plus the amount for your pledge level will leave you with a $0 balance.

Can I order more than what I initially pledged for?

Yes, in your survey, please go through the add-ons section. After you pick your new add-ons you’ll have a balance. We’ll be charging cards when we lock orders!

Can I get old designs that were available on Cubeamajigs in this Kickstarter?

The only designs available through this Kickstarter are the designs stated on the Kickstarter page.