Post-Campaign Guide

Backed one of our campaigns on Kickstarter and aren't sure what happens next? Here's our post-campaign guide!

This guide applies to backers only (people who pledged on Kickstarter while the campaign was live) and covers how we generally process our Kickstarters post-campaign. Please be aware that certain information may change from project to project and may differ for projects for other creators that we are working with (ie Seb McKinnon or Hexbound). 

Here are links to help articles provided by BackerKit and Kickstarter if you have further questions regarding the platforms we use for our projects.

What is a pledge manager?

A pledge manager is a tool used after a campaign wraps so backers can manage their rewards and pledge funds.  We use BackerKit as our pledge manager and collect relevant information using their survey feature. 

What is a survey?

Surveys are sent from BackerKit a few weeks after the campaign ends. Surveys manage all information we need from you so we know what to send you and where to send it!

In the survey, you can upgrade (but not downgrade) your pledge tier, select more add-ons, give us your address, change your payment method, and manage your shipping. If the rewards you picked have variants, you’ll pick the variants through here as well.

How do I find my survey?

You can search for any project here. From there, you can have BackerKit send your survey to your email address.

We suggest creating an account with BackerKit, as it's the best and most convenient way to locate your survey. You can sign up for a BackerKit account here! You’ll be able to manage all surveys from all Kickstarter campaigns that utilize BackerKit as their pledge manager as long as the email is connected to both accounts.

Please be aware that filling out a survey is not signing up for BackerKit!

I’m unable to access my survey. What do I do?

The most common reason for this is because your Kickstarter email address is a hidden Apple ID address. If you used Hide My ID on your Apple account, locate your Hide My ID email address and email us at Provide us with the Hide My ID email address and what you’d like your BackerKit email address to be changed to. We’ll get that changed!

If the above doesn’t apply to you, please email us at with your name, the campaign, and what you pledged for and we’ll find your survey!

Can I upgrade/lower my pledge tier?

Backers can upgrade or lower tiers while the campaign is active and can upgrade pledge levels through BackerKit survey as long as the order is not locked. If a backer chooses to select a new pledge tier that is lower than their original pledge tier, please note that the difference reflected as BackerKit credit is non-refundable.

Edit your pledge on Kickstarter while it's live by clicking the "Manage your pledge" button and selecting "Change your pledge."

Upgrade your pledge through your BackerKit survey by selecting the "Switch pledge levels" link underneath your country selection on the landing page. You can also access your survey to make changes through your BackerKit account.

  1. Edit your pledge

  2. Locate “Your Pledge Level” at the top of the page

  3. Click the link underneath, “$x Reward”

  4. Click “Switch Pledge Levels?” in the top right of the popup

  5. Select your new pledge level

Can I pay for any new items/tiers through BackerKit?

Yes! You’ll have an opportunity to input your credit card information or use PayPal.

Please be aware that should you need to for any reason, we won’t be able to refund your PayPal through BackerKit the payment is older than 3 months. After that time, we'll need to arrange the refund via PayPal itself and backers are responsible for the PayPal platform fee incurred.

My payment on Kickstarter failed. Will I be able to fix it?

Yes! BackerKit will pull your information from Kickstarter and you'll have the opportunity to make your payment through BackerKit. Though Kickstarter will consider you a "dropped" pledge, you'll be reflected as a backer through BackerKit where we collect relevant pledge information.

Once we charge outstanding balances on BackerKit for the first time (which will be announced via an update on the Kickstarter page), a member of our team will be initiating charges every week.

How do I change my address?

Locate your survey for the campaign and click “Edit Your Address” at the top right of the page. You’ll be able to locate the shipping address section from that page. 

Once addresses have been locked (which will be announced via an update on the Kickstarter page), backers will need to contact our support team by email. Please provide your name, email address associated with your pledge and what project this is for along with the old and new delivery address to

Can I get more add-ons?

Yes! Provided we haven't locked orders, you can do so by locating your survey for the campaign and clicking “Edit Your Address” at the top right of the page. You’ll be able to go back and pick other add-ons.

Once orders are locked and outstanding balances are charged for the first time (which will be announced via update on the Kickstarter page), we'll be locking and charging cards every week. 

Where do I get my digital content?

You can access digital rewards using BackerKit through either your survey or your BackerKit account. Accessing your survey will lead you to a button that will take you to your Digital Downloads! If you no longer have access to your original files, you can always revisit your survey to re-download them. 

Where are my rewards?

Please double check the updates for the campaign as those will have the most recent and up-to-date information regarding rewards. 

My address/order is locked. What can I do?

Email us at with your BackerKit information and your new address/what you’d like to add on and we’ll see what we can do!

Where do I find updates for the campaign? What can we expect in them?

You can find our updates on the Updates tab on the Kickstarter campaign page. Those tabs are under the large campaign image at the top of the page. Our updates will have information regarding timelines for production and shipping, images of art or prototypes, survey information, and anything else we think you'll need!

Can I cancel my pledge?

Yes! Please be aware of any platform fees you may incur. Backers are subject to the 10% Kickstarter fee. If you paid with PayPal and it’s over 3 months after you paid, backers are responsible for PayPal fees.

What is pallet shipping?

Pallet shipping is only available for backers in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Australia. You can pick pallet shipping in your BackerKit survey under your pledge questions. In order to ship the pallet, we must have every item available and in our warehouse. We will ship all orders that are set for the pallet at once, closer to the end of fulfillment. If you pick this shipping, you will not incur any VATs or import fees.

If you do not live in the European Union, the United Kingdom, or Australia, please double check your pledge questions and ensure you have picked “skip” only. If you pick something other than “skip” and you live outside of these regions your rewards might experience a delay in fulfillment.

Please note, not all projects offer pallet shipping. 

How do you determine what gets shipped and when?

We usually ship in segments depending on what is available in our warehouse. Because many fluctuating variables determine the order we fulfill rewards, we're unable to provide an order at any point during the fulfillment process. 

Once segments are completed, we usually announce it through an update. 

What happens once my rewards ship?

Once your rewards are headed your way you’ll receive an email from ShipStation with your tracking number. We ask that you please keep an eye on your tracking as the longer it's been since a courier issue has arisen, the more complicated it can become to resolve.

Backers are responsible for providing an accurate address and monitoring tracking to ensure it arrives as expected. Backers are also responsible for any customs fees or import tax incurred (with the exception of pallet shipping). 

I have a problem not listed here.

Please send us an email at with the following information:

  • Your email address associated with your Kickstarter/BackerKit account

  • What campaign you’re inquiring about

  • Specific details about your question

One of our support wizards will be in touch as soon as possible!