Kickstarter Campaign Guide

What Kickstarters are you providing support for?

We are currently providing support for our campaigns: Animated Spells 2, Heckna, and Cubeamajigs. We are also providing support for Hexbound and Seb McKinnon’s campaigns.

Note: We are not involved in support for Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting. If you need assistance with your Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting pledge or preorder, please contact Loot Tavern.

How do I pledge for the campaign?

First, decide what pledge tier you'd like! Visit the campaign page and scroll down. On the right-hand side, you'll find every available tier that lists all the rewards that are included as well as important information regarding shipping and the estimated fulfillment period. Rewards and pledge tiers are detailed further on the campaign page.

Once you’ve determined which tier you’d like, click “Back this project” at the top of the page. You’ll be able to pick your pledge tier, and if applicable, pick any add-ons. You will be charged once the campaign ends!

Please keep in mind the Kickstarter has strict rules regarding editing pledge tiers after someone has already backed it. For example, stretch goals that are unlocked and included in a certain tier won't be reflected in the tier boxes on the right of the campaign page if someone has already pledged for it. Please refer to the campaign page as it displays the most accurate information regarding pledge tiers.

How do I find any new information regarding the campaign?

As campaigns go on, creators will update backers on progress and any stretch goals! Towards the top of the page under the campaign banner will be a navigation bar. Please click “Updates” to see any new information!

What’s the difference between a pledge and a preorder/late pledge?

A pledge can only be made on Kickstarter while the campaign was active. After a campaign closes, there will often be late pledges/preorders made available. These do not count as pledges and are not necessarily subject to details on the campaign page.

If you are interested in preordering, please double check the items you want and their content. Late pledges/preorders will be shipped after backers have received their rewards.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Because of Kickstarter's payment requirements, at this time backers are unable to pledge on the platform using PayPal.

Because we use BackerKit as our pledge manager, if a pledge on Kickstarter is unsuccessful we can recover "dropped" or "failed" pledges. BackerKit accepts PayPal as a payment method. 

How long does the campaign last?

The length of a Kickstarter campaign is generally one month. During this month you can change pledge tiers, add additional funds in preparation for the pledge manager, and cancel your pledge.

When will I be charged?

When the campaign ends Kickstarter collects all pledge funds. You’ll receive an email once it’s processed.

Can I pledge $1 now and upgrade my pledge later?

Yes! Everyone who pledges during an active campaign will receive access to the pledge manager.

When can I expect the rewards?

Please see the right-hand column on the campaign page that details the pledge tiers. Those will have an expected ship date listed. This is our goal to begin fulfillment, however in case of delays, we will let everyone know in an update.

I have a question that’s campaign-specific.

Please see our Help Docs page! We have campaign-specific FAQs available.

Have questions about what happens after the campaign wraps up? Check ouCheck out the Post-Campaign guide heret the Post-Campaign guide here.